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If its one thing black girls are going to do, is execute a theme🤞🏾I love that for us🤎🫖

Where Your Career Meets Class

The best pairing for great tea is good company and cute heels. As a guest of the CultivateHER Tea Party, you get the best of both worlds —where professionalism meets class!
Join Ji'Brayah on May 4th at Neiman Marcus Cafè Buckhead where you’ll get to enjoy food, tea, laughs, career workshops and much more.
Come for the connections, stay for dessert.

We Have You Covered

Feeling a little rusty on your social or business etiquette? 

Then get ready to sip, chat, and be inspired at the CultivateHer Tea Party! It's time to gather with other fabulous women like yourself, and indulge in a day filled with empowerment, education, and of course, some seriously fun girl time.

Join us at the ultimate empowerment event on Saturday, May 4th at the stunning Neiman Marcus Cafe. Get ready to be blown away by our carefully curated lineup of activities that will leave you feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to conquer the world.

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Get Into The Details

The Guests of CultivateHer

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"Ji'Brayah is such a masterful host and coach and gave us, not only good girlie vibes, but top-notch tea on how to keep our brand on point! If you're a girl's girl who's about her business, don't miss the tea!"

Vernique Esther, LCSW


Let me tell you about the story behind CultivateHER Tea Party brand and why it's so special to us. As the founder, Ji'Brayah is on a mission to ignite the lamp of purpose for women around the world.


Do you know the story of Luke 1:39-45 about Elizabeth and Mary? It perfectly captures the power of women supporting each other.

Elizabeth, who's pregnant with John the Baptist, welcomes Mary, who's also pregnant with Jesus. Despite the challenges they both face, their meeting is a beautiful blend of love, understanding, and encouragement. It's like a reminder from above that we're stronger when we lift each other up.

I want to be your Elizabeth.

Just like Elizabeth and Mary found solace and joy in each other's company, CultivateHER strives to create a welcoming community where women can come together to nurture, inspire, and celebrate each other's successes and triumphs.

So, join us at CultivateHER Tea Party and let's build something truly special by supporting and cheering each other on. 

Do you ...

Feel like you're watching everyone build their dream life, dream careers, dream marriages, dream businesses and dream family while you're stilling trying to "figure it out". 

You find it hard to ignore that everyone else has their lives all figured out yet you still don't know who you want to be when you "grow up" ...

You find yourself on a hamster wheel of indecision when it comes to your next career move ...

You grew up as the "golden child" but you are struggling with meeting your family's expectations ...

You're ready to get clear in WHO you are and unpack the weight of trying to be who "they" want you to become ...

If its one thing black girls are going to do, is execute a theme🤞🏾I love that for us🤎🫖

It's Time To Become Cultivated


We believe that every woman deserves a supportive space to foster new relationships, fresh ideas, and spiritual growth, and we aim to provide women with the necessary tools and resources to fulfill God's plan for their life.

Now it's your turn to become the woman of your dreams 
As a guest of CultivateHer Circle, you can go from ..
  • Seeking external validation to being content with who you are...

  • Break out of imposter system and get comfortable with being seen trying...

  • Go from dreaming about your future life to working on the vision and setting goal post...

  • Find a sisterhood of women just like you who are tired of being on this life journey alone and want to be a village that shows up for your big & small wins...

CultivateHer is here to serve you as you level up in your career.

Our experience to go beyond the surface of the work you do and uncover your light to get crystal clear on your legacy plan, in alignment with your God-given purpose. Through the high tea experience you'll be served a discovery session and lifestyle content shoot to help build out your 5-10 year legacy plan. 

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